Wednesday, July 4, 2007

To review or not to review

Summary: In journalism, the pressure to be first can prove irresistible, but when it comes to movie reviews, does it really matter?

The Internet definitely has changed the reviewing game. Early reviews of movies are routinely posted on various movie Web sites. It won't be long before editors begin pressuring print critics to follow suit -- and some already have. For my money, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I'd rather be right than first. Besides, readers are accustomed to looking to newspapers for reviews on the day a movie opens.

Still, the papers have a point: Why should print critics adhere to a different set of rules than those who ply their trade on the Internet? And besides, I know of no self-respecting journalist who likes to be pushed around by studios. Most of us got into this business not because we love studios, publicists and carefully honed marketing plans, but because we love movies.

Anyway, the whole business might make for increasingly strained relations between the press and the studios, not that things are all that rosy now. Want some insight into the shifting climate? Click here.

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