Friday, May 23, 2008

Down from the mountains -- but only briefly

Summary: Took the train to Florence today in search of some big-city life. I had no time for the abundant cultural sights, many of which I've already seen, but few of which I've exhausted. Instead, I had a nice lunch and strolled through the city before taking the train back to Lucca, a much less frantic -- if less significant -- city.

Meanwhile, I've been reading very mixed reports about the new edition of "Raiders," which premiered at Cannes, so I feel less deprived by being in the Tuscan hills where people seem more interested in food, wine and beautiful vistas (not necessarily in that order) than in the latest Hollywood release.

Lucca, by the way, boasts several venues for movies, all of which are playing Italian films -- or so I'm told. I don't know if any of these films are any good, but it's encouraging to see Italian theaters that haven't entirely been taken over by American releases.

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