Monday, January 24, 2011

Art Goes to the Movies -- and you can, too

Henri-Georges Clouzot's Mystery of Picasso kicks off Art Goes to the Movies course.
Ever wondered what it would be like to be in a studio with Pablo Picasso? If someone offered you an opportunity to spend an afternoon watching David Hockney paint, would you take it? Similarly, how much would you spend to be privy to the feverish thoughts driving Vincent van Gogh to the canvas?

Strange as it may seem -- at least at first -- these are not remote possibilities.

If you want to see learn something about how an artist's mind works, join artist Sandra Kaplan and me at the Art Students League of Denver for a weekly course beginning on Feb. 3. For a detailed description of our course, Art Goes to the Movies, see Sandra's website.

Sandra, who also happens to be my wife, will tackle films from an artist's vantage point, and I'll be looking at the film side, although obviously we're not drawing any lines in the sand. We've designed the course -- the first month will be devoted to exploring the artistic process -- so that it will be of interest to both artists and non-artists. And, yes, you can pay as you go, taking one class at a time.

We'll provide the popcorn and a stimulating evening.

You'll find more information and a sign-up sheet here.

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