Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hollywood's big night -- Take 6

The biggest question of the night. Is Philip Seymour Hoffman's head cold? What's up with the watch cap?
Having former supporting actors talk from the stage to the current nominees is a little strange. I guess it's a brave thing to hand out acting awards without showing any examples from the work of the nominated actors.
There's probably no one on the planet who's surprised that Heath Ledger ("The Dark Knight") won in this category. His family accepted the award for him, and did it with class. We didn't need cutaways to teary eyed audience members. Aside from that, the award reminds us of how much Ledger will be missed. I interviewed him once and was impressed by his desire to grow and master his art. He wanted to be able to plumb the depths of the characters he played. He did.

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