Sunday, February 22, 2009

Live blogging on Hollywood's big night

During the evening I'll be commenting on the 81st edition of Oscar. I'm not one for spending much time thinking about Academy Awards, so live blogging seems the best way to deal with an evening devoted to glitz, glamor and movies that most of the U.S. hasn't seen.

Right now the major tension centers on the best-actor category. Will Mickey Rourke, who won the Independent Spirit Award Saturday, beat Sean Penn, who won the SAG award in the same category for his work in "Milk?" I predicted that Penn would win, but no one has campaigned harder than Rourke, who has been interviewed by everyone short of Martha Stewart. Maybe I just missed that one. In any case, Rourke has a lot going for him, a comeback story and the recent death of his dog, Loki. Don't get me wrong: I love dogs, and I know how much it hurts to lose one. I'm just saying, Rourke has the Big Mo, as in momentum.

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