Thursday, October 28, 2021

Movie can't match its serious subject

 Amanda Seyfried stars as a children's book author trying to cope with severe depression in A Mouthful of Air, a movie based on a novel by Amy Koppelman. Koppelman also directed the movie and wrote its screenplay. As a look at depression that can lead to suicide, Mouthful of Air falls short on insight and dramatic heft. Seyfried portrays Julie Davis, a doting mother and children's book author who lives on Manhattan's Upper Westside with her devoted husband (Finn Wittrock). Julie's mother (Amy Irving) offers help after Julie attempts suicide, as does a concerned psychiatrist (Paul Giamatti). A scene in which Julie's sister-in-law (Jennifer Carpenter) accuses her of selfishness has some power, as does the occasional tension that develops between Julie and Wittrock's Ethan. Julie's second pregnancy and a move to the suburbs has everyone walking on eggshells around the fragile Julia. Although the movie has a tough ending, it seldom digs as deeply as its subject demands. Animated examples of Julia's work don't help either.

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