Thursday, September 17, 2020

An essential documentary about voter suppression

lAll In: The Fight for Democracy includes lots of information that every American already should know. But even if you're aware of the struggles surrounding the right to vote, the movie provides a valuable summary of the ways in which the post-Reconstruction South worked to keep black people from the ballot box. The documentary reviews Jim Crow and its legacy as a means of establishing its primary message; some Americans don't want every eligible voter to cast a ballot. It won’t surprise those who follow the news to learn that Stacey Abrams produced the movie, which also focuses on Abrams' recent unsuccessful race against  Republican Brian Kemp for the governorship of Georgia. On first blush, the involvement of Abrams, who also appears in the movie, might seem self-serving. It isn't. Her's is both an inspirational and cautionary tale. Besides, Abrams has committed much of her life to opening access to the ballot box. Directed by Liz Garbus and Lisa Cortes, All In has an obvious agenda: It wants everyone to register to vote, to refuse to be turned away. That may seem obvious and even a bit mundane, but after watching All In, you'll learn enough about voter suppression to think twice before rhapsodizing about the democracy in which we live.

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