Thursday, October 26, 2017

All I see is ... well ... boredom

Murky and unsatisfying, All I See Is You stars Blake Lively as Gina, a woman who's blinded in a childhood automobile accident. Director Marc Forster (Monster's Ball, Finding Neverland) uses Gina's blindness as an excuse to compile a series of distracting point of view shots. He shows us what Gina can see (blurs of white light) or, on occasion, what she imagines: an orgy. Gina, who lives in Bangkok with her husband (Jason Clarke), regains her sight after a physician (Danny Huston) performs corneal transplant surgery on her. As Gina gains more independence, Clarke's James becomes increasingly uneasy. The only question: How long will it take Gina to realize that James wants Gina to be entirely reliant on him? Forster and co-writer Sean Conway toy with notions about what we see, what we think we see and what we are willing to see. But this listless semi-plunge into the world of perverse psychology fails to generate enough energy to arrive at any real thematic destination. Settings in Bangkok, where James works in the insurance business, create mild interest, as do the Spanish locations the couple visits. But even a side trip to a live sex show in Barcelona adds little by way of spice to a movie that fizzles as psychological drama. Blame over-stylized visuals, an under-nourished story, and performances that suffer from the movie’s lack of focus.

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